Investment Portfolio


BasicBlock started with a mission: to use technology to give every trucking company the financial opportunity to thrive by solving the industry’s number one problem, cash flow. Through digitizing workflows and automating billing, BasicBlock has quickly expanded to become one of the fastest growing startups in the Midwest.


Incubated out of Consensys in 2015, BlockApps is the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud and Azure) and has created an innovative, flexible and enterprise-focused Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) product that is applicable in industries as diverse as agriculture, healthcare and finance.


Gilded was founded on the belief that the future of finance is global, open and powered by blockchain. Gilded’s breakthrough technology removes barriers and creates opportunities for growth by enabling businesses to integrate digital currencies into commercial payment systems and accounting solutions.

Hut 8 Mining

As a pioneer in bitcoin mining in North America, Hut 8 combines innovation in high performance computing with a stewardship mindset to its operations. It continuously looks for ways to diversify revenue, implement ESG and apply thoughtful strategies to reduce its carbon footprint.

Illust Space

Illust Space brings augmented reality in the form of NFTs to the metaverse. Taking digital art to the leading edge, its marketplace allows users to collect and trade digital AR artworks and it will enable individuals to directly interact with their surroundings through personalized art, images or experiences.

Mint Gold Dust

Launched in 2021, Mint Gold Dust is an NFT platform that will enable a community of passionate users, builders and creators grow a vibrant economy where users truly own digital items and can develop and power new economies.


Founded by three friends working out of a coffee shop in Brooklyn who shared the vision of creating a new economy for digital creators, SuperRare is the leading NFT platform and wrote the sector spec for the NFT digital art industry as it stands today.

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